Tuesday, July 23

Summer time @ the Jensens

Day trip to Cody Wy. with lots of driving, site seeing and museums.  Growing up my family would always go to Cody for our family vacation spot. we would always visit this Buffalo Bill museum, so I thought my kids should see it...the kids loved it. they have lots of history the kids like and kid activities to make it enjoyable for them. Nat really liked the Indian history because she ended her school year learning a lot about Indians.
 GRANT....what would we do without this kid? we have spent many nights/days in the ER with him...this most recent incident would HOPEFULLY teach him a lesson....Grant is always teasing dogs to the end..usually it ends in nips from the dog and little holes, nothing to serious...but this picture show what a really angry dog could do. Grant must have really upset this dog. lots of staples and lots of stitches. glad he is better now and back to his normal self.
 Every year Driggs does fireworks right before the 4th of July. they are known as the best in this area. we weren't up to fighting crowds this year so we decided that we would drive to the top of Relay Ridge to watch the fireworks...it was a lot of fun. We enjoyed it with our good friends Clark and Sarah and their family. and yes it was freezing. there was still piles of snow all over up there. But lots of fun!!!

Quick day trip to Craters of the Moon..as close as we are to it I have never been out walking around. we have always just driven past.. It was a lot of fun to finally get out and hike a bit and see what was really out there. The kids thought the rocks were totally awesome so they enjoyed stuffing their pockets full
 Always love going to the local Zoo with the cousins
 We started our summer out with Wes finishing up baseball and Ellyn finishing up soccer. Wes did great this year in baseball. he had and awesome coach.
 Ellyn is always known as an "Animal" on the field. she definitely is quite the player..she was also able to be on the same team with her best friend which made for the best season yet.

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