Tuesday, July 23

Summer time @ the Jensens

Day trip to Cody Wy. with lots of driving, site seeing and museums.  Growing up my family would always go to Cody for our family vacation spot. we would always visit this Buffalo Bill museum, so I thought my kids should see it...the kids loved it. they have lots of history the kids like and kid activities to make it enjoyable for them. Nat really liked the Indian history because she ended her school year learning a lot about Indians.
 GRANT....what would we do without this kid? we have spent many nights/days in the ER with him...this most recent incident would HOPEFULLY teach him a lesson....Grant is always teasing dogs to the end..usually it ends in nips from the dog and little holes, nothing to serious...but this picture show what a really angry dog could do. Grant must have really upset this dog. lots of staples and lots of stitches. glad he is better now and back to his normal self.
 Every year Driggs does fireworks right before the 4th of July. they are known as the best in this area. we weren't up to fighting crowds this year so we decided that we would drive to the top of Relay Ridge to watch the fireworks...it was a lot of fun. We enjoyed it with our good friends Clark and Sarah and their family. and yes it was freezing. there was still piles of snow all over up there. But lots of fun!!!

Quick day trip to Craters of the Moon..as close as we are to it I have never been out walking around. we have always just driven past.. It was a lot of fun to finally get out and hike a bit and see what was really out there. The kids thought the rocks were totally awesome so they enjoyed stuffing their pockets full
 Always love going to the local Zoo with the cousins
 We started our summer out with Wes finishing up baseball and Ellyn finishing up soccer. Wes did great this year in baseball. he had and awesome coach.
 Ellyn is always known as an "Animal" on the field. she definitely is quite the player..she was also able to be on the same team with her best friend which made for the best season yet.

Wednesday, May 1

Our Highlights of the past few months!!!

The Past few months have been full of constant run around excitement....
We were lucky enough to have Wes be baptized same day as his cousin Seirra. At first Nick was going to baptize both of them and a few days before the baptism Wes asked if his cousin Ridge could baptize him. Wes looks up to him so much. it was a great experience for all. 
Ellyn turned 6 in the month of March and was such a sport to spend her birthday in Utah at a wrestling tournament...I guess it helped that we stopped at lava Hot Springs on the way home...she was just happy to swim. Maybe next year we will celebrate her birthday a little better:}
This kid is one you just cant get enough of...he is always so happy and always making us laugh..
Every room we walk into he as lined something up. mostly its his cars or tractors. We always joke that he is going to be our OCD child and will help me clean cause he can't stand a messy house. Only in my dreams. Right?

 Here is a quick shot of the kids Easter morning..I swear Easter passed us with no warning. We spent the day at my little brother Clints baby blessing with a dinner afterwards and then ended up at another dinner at Nicks parents house.
Grant turned 4 on April 2nd..he wanted a cowboy outfit with a cowboy necklace and a cupcake for his birthday. pretty simple, and he enjoyed it all. I cant believe he is 4 already. time is passing way to fast.  

Planting season started and the kids were so excited to get in the tractor with Nick, as was I!!!
 Natalie had her last cheer competition a couple weeks ago. she did awesome!! her and her friend Tess did a duet and got 2nd place on it. Her team got 3rd place. I was so proud of them. Cheer has been a great thing for her not only cheering but making great friends!!
 And we made it to State wrestling with Wes.. it has been a big year for Wes. we have traveled for wrestling in Utah, Montana, and Idaho. He has amazed me with wrestling. At the beginning of the year Wes had said he wanted the triple crown (winning state in all 3 styles of wrestling) I was so proud of him putting his mind to something and watching him work so hard all year and he achieved it!! Way to go Wes!!

Monday, March 18

Life in the Fast lane....Part 2

The Past couple months have definitely been wild and crazy for us. Since the last week in October Nick has been in North Dakota 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. Definitely a challenge, but well worth it. I think I speak for the both of us that we have never been more in love with each other. being away for that amount of time has made us appreciate each other a lot more.
So, now for the next couple of months I am going to try to stay on top of blogging along with trying to catch up.....So, here is our life in the fast lane....
In February we were able to take the kids to California for a nice getaway vacation! We started by driving the first day all the way to San Fransisco(Not near as bad as I thought it would be with all 5 kids. They did great!)
Spent the first day touring San Fransisco
 Golden Gate Bridge
                                                            Muir Woods
                                                      The beach
                                                                 this was great...Ellyn was so upset that someone had pushed her over running from the wave but I had to break it to her it was the actual wave that pushed her over.
 We took a boat tour around the Alcatraz. Nick and I would love to take a tour one day of the Alcatraz but I think we should wait till we don't have any kids with us...

                                                   we spent a day driving South on  the coast. We stopped as many times as we could to get some pictures of the coast.
 We were also able to stop at Monterrey Bay Aquarium...great place, the kids loved it!!

And some more driving along the coast!!!

 And when I heard there was a gumball alley I had to see one for myself...DISGUSTING!!!

 Along the coast we heard about the elephant seals. Way cool...there are Hundreds of them just laying on the beach.

 Cant go to California without visiting Disneyland!!!...Favorite Place Ever!!!

 We also stopped at Knotts Berry Farm on one of the days!! we hadn't been there since Wes was a baby so it was fun seeing that place again.
 Another new adventure on this vacation was the Winter Nationals Drag Racing. Way cool!!!

 Final stop was in Provo Utah to spend some time with one of Nicks good friends...
 Here is some guy (?) playing his guitar in the pool area and was also letting Grant (who is not shy what so ever) play with him.
                                                                Pic from space mountain

And that is a fast version of our vacation!!! Hopefully one day I will be able to slow down and share a little more of our life!!!

Wednesday, February 20

Life in the Fast Lane

It has been so long since I last blogged...and I feel awful. I constantly was thinking about it and wanted to post but I was always waiting for the "right' time. New flash!!! There is NO "right".  I am hoping I can figure out a way to keep up on this and enjoy our memories...
 Our Life in the fast lane...and that is what our life is all about!!

Ever since this little guy has joined our family we have been constantly go go go.. he has been so fun and so full of character. It has definitely been a journey...a journey well worth it.